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About Us


Eclipsed Sounds, LLC is a United States-based company focused on creating high quality vocal synthesis instruments. Our first major product, Synthesizer V SOLARIA, was released on January 19th, 2022. We are committed to creating software vocalists to meet the diverse needs of musicians.

Vocal synthesizers can help songwriters, musicians, and producers in creating fine-tuned vocal parts for their productions. Some will use virtual vocalists to fill in harmony parts in pieces featuring human vocalists, or to create detailed references for vocalists they are working with, or in many cases to create songs featuring these digital vocals.

Whatever your use for them may be, Eclipsed Sounds is committed to creating high quality digital vocal instruments, and providing support for users of our vocal synthesis products.

We are passionate about vocal synthesis - that's why company profits are re-invested into improving our products, creating new products, and hiring skilled creators to showcase them.

A Small & Effective Team

We are a small team only 4 members strong - but our unique workflow keeps our focus squarely on user needs and requests. Each team member takes charge of a different business area, but all team members work together on the development of our vocals & acquisition of collaborative talent.

Elijah Damon

Founder & CFO

Favorite Vocal: SAROS

Taylor Hennessy


Favorite Vocal: ASTERIAN

Niamh Easter

Product Lead

Favorite Vocal: ASTERIAN

Brielle Meisenbach

Outreach Lead

Favorite Vocal: SOLARIA

  • If I buy SOLARIA, can I make her sing on commercially released projects?
    Yes! By purchasing SOLARIA, you gain a license that allows you to use her voice commercially. These vocals can either be attributed to "SOLARIA" or left unattributed. This license extends to physical music releases, streaming services, and online sales. You can review SOLARIA's full license agreement here.
  • Is SOLARIA only able to sing in English?
    While SOLARIA is only configured for English language usage, the Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor allows AI voices like SOLARIA to sing in Japanese and Chinese as well! This feature is limited to the paid version of Synthesizer V Studio, which can be purchased on the Dreamtonics store. Synthesizer V also allows users to edit note pronunciations based on individual vowel and consonant sounds, and so other languages similar in sound to English can be approximated by skilled users. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee quality of pronunciation in any other language.
  • Does SOLARIA have a trial version?
    Yes! You can download the Lite version of SOLARIA here. Please note: As with all Synthesizer V Lite databases, the lite version of SOLARIA may not be used commercially in any way. Also, users of the lite database must indicate in the upload title or prominently in the description/associated text that they used "SOLARIA Lite"
  • I didn't receive my SOLARIA activation code! Where is it?
    Our activation codes are sent automatically when payment for your purchase processes - however, some email inboxes may send these emails to spam or block them entirely, so please check your spam folder & contact us at if you do not receive your activation code.
  • Is SOLARIA an AI or Standard Synthesizer V library? What is the difference?
    SOLARIA is an AI Synthesizer V library. While a standard voice is recorded as brief phrases sung at a static pitch, SOLARIA is based on entire song samples from her voice provider Emma Rowley. This means that she is able to capture unique tone differences based on a singing context, which can greatly increase realism!
  • How do I buy a physical version of SOLARIA?
    The only way to purchase a physical copy of SOLARIA was by pledging to the Indiegogo campaign in the summer of 2021, or by purchasing the limited leftover sales held alongside ASTERIAN's release. SOLARIA's physical edition can only be obtained now by winning specific contests held for our vocals. The current opportunity for SOLARIA's physical edition is to enter the ASTERIAN Eclipsed Design Contest:
  • Can I make SOLARIA sound less realistic?
    SOLARIA may have been created as a realistic AI singer option, but it is always possible to reduce realism! Some of these methods are implemented inside of Synthesizer V, such as leaving the parameters unchanged or adjusting pitch bends to have more sharp transitions, but applying post-production effects using VST effects in your DAW such as autotune or a vocoder can also lessen the realism!
  • Can I make SOLARIA sound like her original test voice?
    While the new voice is much clearer & stronger, SOLARIA's test voice tone is maintained in her low notes! This is because the test library was recorded in a low register. With some parameter adjustments, it is possible to emulate the original timbre across the whole range.
  • Why does SOLARIA have a character image representing her?
    Having a character to represent the vocal is somewhat of a tradition in vocal synthesis spaces, and we wanted to continue on in that vein. Additionally, having an associated image of a person makes it more immediately clear that the software is a virtual singer, and gives some idea as to what the voice might sound like before even listening. SOLARIA's character is also free to use commercially once you purchase the voice database.
  • Why was SOLARIA's name changed from "SOLARIS"?"
    During the crowdfund, SOLARIA was known as "SOLARIS"! The change to SOLARIA was decided on for a variety of reasons, but the primary reasons were to avoid the abundance of other characters, IPs, and products named SOLARIS, and to more quickly evoke the idea of a singer on name alone ("SOLARIA" being a portmanteau of "solar" and "aria"). This change did not affect much in the project, and helps SOLARIA stand out more as a singer and digital instrument product!
  • What is Synthesizer V?
    Synthesizer V is a digital vocal instrument created by Dreamtonics that allows users to create a melody, input lyrics, and have computer software sing it! SOLARIA is the vocal library that we developed for it, and she can be used in Synthesizer V Studio Basic and Synthesizer V Studio Pro.
  • Where do I download Synthesizer V Studio Basic?
    Synthesizer V Studio Basic - the free version of Synthesizer V Studio, can be downloaded here, at Dreamtonics' official distribution.
  • Do I need to buy Synthesizer V to use SOLARIA, ASTERIAN, or SAROS?
    While Synthesizer V Studio does have a Pro version with more features that our vocals were designed to work quite well with, there is a free version of Synthesizer V Studio, called Synthesizer V Studio Basic, that you can use our vocals in. This version is limited to 3 vocal tracks & does not allow use of the vocal modes feature, or usage of their voice databases in any other languages through cross-lingual synthesis - these features are limited to Synthesizer V Studio Pro. You can download Synthesizer V Studio Basic here, or purchase Synthesizer V Studio Pro here.
  • Where do I buy Synthesizer V Studio Pro?
    Synthesizer V Studio Pro can be purchased from the Dreamtonics store.
  • I didn't receive my activation code! Where is it?
    Our activation codes are sent automatically when payment for your purchase processes - however, some email inboxes may send these emails to spam or block them entirely, so please check your spam folder & contact us at if you do not receive your activation code.
  • I have an idea for what you should do next - how do I contact you?
    Please use the contact form here and select "Product Request," "Company Activity Request," or "Collaboration Application" depending on your idea. Thank you for your input and enthusiasm!
  • I want to work with Eclipsed Sounds! How do I contact you?
    Thank you for your enthusiasm and support! Please use the contact form here and select "Collaboration Application." Please include rates with what you would like to do, as we believe it is important to pay contributors what they ask.
  • How do I access an invoice for my purchase?
    Invoices are generated by request for each purchase. If you need one for tax or business reasons, please contact us.
  • Why is the company named "Eclipsed Sounds"?
    Eclipsed Sounds refers to the idea that the "sounds" we create as a company, meaning our digital vocalists, are made to be "Eclipsed" by the musical talent & skill of users! One of the things that we love the most about vocal synthesis is the ability for a songwriter using it to out-shine their main vocalist - something unheard of in many areas of the music industry. This became the inspiration for our name.
  • What did Eclipsed Sounds do before creating SOLARIA?
    Many years before SOLARIA, Eclipsed Sounds was a fan-merchandise company specializing in peripheral merchandise for other vocal synthesis characters. However, these activities ended long before work on SOLARIA began.
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