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About Us


Eclipsed Sounds, LLC is a United States-based company focused on creating high quality vocal synthesis instruments. Our first major product, Synthesizer V SOLARIA, was released on January 19th, 2022. We are committed to creating software vocalists to meet the diverse needs of musicians.

Vocal synthesizers can help songwriters, musicians, and producers in creating fine-tuned vocal parts for their productions. Some will use virtual vocalists to fill in harmony parts in pieces featuring human vocalists, or to create detailed references for vocalists they are working with, or in many cases to create songs featuring these digital vocals.

Whatever your use for them may be, Eclipsed Sounds is committed to creating high quality digital vocal instruments, and providing support for users of our vocal synthesis products.

We are passionate about vocal synthesis - that's why company profits are re-invested into improving our products, creating new products, and hiring skilled creators to showcase them.

Our Team

We are a small team with a unique workflow that keeps the focus squarely on user needs and requests. Each team member takes charge of a different business area, but all team members work on the development of our vocals.

Elijah Damon

Founder, CFO

Taylor Hennessy


Niamh Easter

Product Lead

Brielle Meisenbach

Outreach Lead

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