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An English AI Singer for


Range: Bass (E2-D4) + Falsetto (G4-C5)

Tempo: 80-160 BPM

Voice Provider: Eric Hollaway

ASTERIAN is an English native AI bass vocalist that provides professional quality vocals for your projects whenever they are needed. Featuring a smooth bass range and emotive higher register, ASTERIAN makes a usually hard-to-find voice style easy to access any time. Users of ASTERIAN have control over all aspects of the melody and pitch and many other aspects of the voice like tension and breathiness, making ASTERIAN a vocalist with infinite possible applications.

Usage of ASTERIAN requires either Synthesizer V Studio Basic, a free download on Dreamtonics' website, or Synthesizer V Studio Pro, which can be purchased from the Dreamtonics store.

Using Synthesizer V ASTERIAN, you can access a phenomenal and unique vocalist for your work - even without an internet connection!
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ASTERIAN's voice source is professional voice actor and classically trained oktavist singer Eric Hollaway. Eric's deep and resonant tone has played a part in countless productions across various genres and purposes - from engaging narration for commercials to his iconic chants as part of the DOOM Eternal OST.  Beyond those roles, over 1.5 million listeners have also fallen in love with Eric's incredible voice through his social media presence as thatbassvoice on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram.

Demonstration Songs

If You Are an Echo (nostraightanswer)

In "If You Are an Echo", nostraightanswer debuted ASTERIAN alongside SOLARIA in this mellow duet, showcasing his gentler vocal modes as well as manual stylization.

Ad Astra (Kohikohi)

This intense rock piece by Kohikohi showcases ASTERIAN's powerful side, a resonant and commanding bass vocal that easily fronts even the most dramatic songs.

Venom (Kkiquu)

Kkiquu brings us a more contemporary sound from ASTERIAN in "Venom", using manual pitch adjustment to pull ASTERIAN's warm bass tone into more of a pop stylization.

Once Again (Penelope Aveline)

This nostalgic song from Penelope Aveline shows a soft side to ASTERIAN's voice - a warm and emotional tone enhanced by his unique Instant Mode pitch calculations that bring in the natural charm of the voice provider, Eric Hollaway.

Of The Night (Derek Spear)

This jazz-rock fusion piece by Derek Spear showcases ASTERIAN's playful side (and Instant Mode pitch functionality) as a lead singer for the imagined jazz club ‘Nocturne Alley’, where even scat singing can be performed by this AI singer without sacrificing any realism.

User Works

Feel free to use #SynthV_ASTERIAN when sharing your works on social media!

Many users choose to upload their works to streaming services with attribution to ASTERIAN as their vocalist - this helps listeners discover new tracks made with ASTERIAN & other Eclipsed Sounds singers. Currently, we are waiting for authorization from Spotify for ASTERIAN's Spotify Artist page.

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