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Demonstration Songs

Our voice databases easily lend themselves to a wide variety of genres & applications - but our demo songs feature them primarily as solo lead vocalists. Browse each vocal's tab to see what's possible with all three current Eclipsed Sounds Synthesizer V voice databases.

Erode (unit.0)

SOLARIA's most recent solo demonstration song - the debut of her vocal modes feature! (For Synthesizer V Studio Pro users only)


A demonstration that pushes SOLARIA to her absolute limits - without using vocal modes! "CYCLES" is an expressive masterpiece by ODDEEO that conveys emotion extremely well.

If You Are An Echo (nostraightanswer)

A more mellow piece featuring ASTERIAN as a duet partner to SOLARIA, nostraightanswer's "If You Are An Echo" served as the introduction of our bass vocalist ASTERIAN and primarily uses SOLARIA's softer vocal modes.

Dawn (Circus)

SOLARIA's first original demo song, in "Dawn" Circus shows SOLARIA's capability across her entire vocal range in the very earliest version of the voice database.

Untied Laces (Meltberry)

A demonstration song from Meltberry that features SOLARIA singing alongside a human singer to show the realism of the software. In this short version, lines sung by SOLARIA are shown in white, and Meltberry's lines are in yellow.

Aura (GHOST)

GHOST's usage of SOLARIA in "Aura" represents a stylized implementation without aiming for perfect realism, achieving an uncanny and unique tone for this folk horror inspired piece.

Our Universe (Flanger Moose)

This demonstration from Flanger Moose shows the most common use case for SOLARIA - as a vocal part of an electronic composition! This piece was situated right in the middle of SOLARIA's ideal range in her initial software release version, and shows her clearest tone.

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