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ASTERIAN 1st Anniversary Song Contest & Lite Voice Database Distribution

Enter your song for a chance at some excellent prizes - including Eclipsed Sounds vocals! Don't own ASTERIAN? Enter using the free trial version: ASTERIAN Lite!

Contest Information | Prizes | Entry Requirements | References & Additional Information | ASTERIAN Lite

ASTERIAN Song Contest Information

Celebrate ASTERIAN's first release anniversary with us!

With ASTERIAN's first release anniversary coming up in December, it's time for ASTERIAN's song contest! We know this event has been quite anticipated ever since we mentioned it in ASTERIAN's Eclipsed Design Contest post over the summer, so we hope you will enjoy it!

Submission Period: October 20, 2023 - December 1, 2023

Entries will be anonymized during judging, which will take place in early December directly after the contest.



First Place

​$1500 USD Delivered via PayPal

Physical editions of all 3 Eclipsed Sounds voice databases. (ASTERIAN, SOLARIA, & SAROS).

Winning participant may also elect to have their song uploaded to the Eclipsed Sounds channel, with a new video created in cooperation & funded by Eclipsed Sounds.

Second Place

​$750 USD Delivered via PayPal

Digital versions of all 3 Eclipsed Sounds voice databases.

Third Place

​$400 USD Delivered via PayPal

Digital versions of 2 Eclipsed Sounds voice databases of choice.

Fourth Place

​$200 USD Delivered via PayPal

Digital Eclipsed Sounds voice database of choice.

Fifth Place

​$150 USD Delivered via PayPal

Digital Eclipsed Sounds voice database of choice.

All physical prizes will be shipped during SAROS' physical edition fulfillment period. If you are unable to receive physical mail or do not wish to receive the physical editions, we will offer digital versions instead. "Eclipsed Sounds voice database" is defined as Synthesizer V SOLARIA, Synthesizer V ASTERIAN, and Synthesizer V SAROS.

Entry Requirements

Any violations of the requirements below will immediately disqualify the entry.
  • Must be 18 years or older to participate, or have permission from a parent or guardian. (This is necessary to receive monetary prizes due to PayPal's terms of use.)

  • Songs must be new, original works by the entrant published for the first time during the submission period, and may not be re-arrangements or covers of previously released works. Any plagiarism will also disqualify the entry.

  • Entrant affirms that the submission is their own work and that they have permission for usage of any and all audio clips, software instruments, melodies, lyrics, and visual material included in their entry.

  • Songs must be uploaded publicly on the chosen platform. (Suggested: YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Audiomack)

  • Entrants can submit as many songs as they wish - however, the entrant will only be able to win one prize place.

  • Songs must feature ASTERIAN prominently as the main vocalist with no synthesized singers outside of the Eclipsed Sounds lineup. However, the creator may also use their own voice or Synthesizer V SOLARIA as part of their submission as long as ASTERIAN remains the main singer.

  • Entries must be 2 minutes or longer and may not exceed 7 minutes in length.

  • Entries must include the .svp file for their song.

  • The song's lyrics may be written in any language.

  • The submission may be a collaboration between multiple creators, however, only one creator may receive the prizes and be the point of contact for the submission.

  • Lyrical content may not contain excessive profanity, defamatory content, or discriminatory language. Sexual content is also discouraged, but "radio-friendly" sexual content will be allowed and not affect judging.

  • Entries may not utilize AI-generated artwork in the submission.*(Please see note)

  • Entries may be created by multiple collaborators, but must be submitted by a single representative. That representative will be the prize recipient & point of contact if the entry wins a prize place.

*We have been advised it may cause rights & ethics issues if featured on our website depending on the models used, due to lack of opt-in on data sourcing. Please feel free to upload to non-video platforms or use stock images if you need visual representation. Other than this restriction, visuals will not factor into the judging process. Thank you for your understanding and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Entry Usage Agreement

Entries will be displayed on a contest summary page on the website upon contest winner announcement, as well as collected in playlists on uploaded platforms. Entries will not be used for promotional purposes other than as links to or embeds of entrant-submitted uploads, displayed on social media and website platforms of Eclipsed Sounds or Dreamtonics.


References & Additional Information

Needing inspiration for your song? Here are some additional references for ASTERIAN including his initial character concept. Adherence to these will have no bearing on judging whatsoever, but this is something we were asked often during SOLARIA's contest!

ASTERIAN Official Assets & Character Concept

ASTERIAN is themed around the moon, and is conceptualized as the deity "closest to Earth" in our series. Meaning, ASTERIAN has an intimate understanding of human daily life. ASTERIAN is intended to be a calm and reliable person with a discerning eye and deep appreciation for even the smallest of arts. Behind a placid demeanor is a person who cares deeply about those around him & the things he is able to be a part of.


ASTERIAN "Lite" Trial Version

If you don’t own Synthesizer V ASTERIAN, you can enter the contest using the free version we have just released, ASTERIAN Lite. The Lite database is a free, reduced-quality version of ASTERIAN missing some features, and, like other Synthesizer V Lite voices, it cannot be used commercially, and any public usages must indicate in the description & prominently in the title/caption/associated video that it uses “ASTERIAN Lite”.

Download ASTERIAN Lite on ASTERIAN's page.


Thank you for your support of ASTERIAN, we hope that songwriters will enjoy this event, and that all users can enjoy the continuing distribution of ASTERIAN Lite!

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