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SAROS for Synthesizer V Studio - Demos, Range, & Vocal Information

SAROS is our third vocalist for Synthesizer V Studio - a dynamic and emotive tenor.

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Vocal Range

SAROS' voice database is currently still under development, so their exact vocal range is not currently determined, but they are primarily a tenor vocalist.

Vocal Modes

SAROS is currently under development, so it is not yet certain what characteristics their vocal modes will have in the final version. However, we do know that SAROS will have more vocal modes on release than either one of our previous vocals have had.

Pre-Release Demo Songs

SAROS is currently in their pre-release promotional period, so new demonstration songs are still coming up on our social channels.

SAROS' first pre-release demonstration song is "Movements Align" by ODDEEO. In this piece, ODDEEO showcases a beta version of SAROS, demonstrating their core range and natural expressiveness.

For more on "Movements Align", check out ODDEEO's interview with @EngVocaPromo on Twitter.

More demonstration songs coming soon.

Promotional Images

For both of our previous vocals' promotional periods, we shared promotional images of them on social media. SAROS will also receive similar promotional work soon.

User Works

Our vocals so far feature in a great deal of works published online by users, so we have officially set up Spotify artist pages for both of them. SAROS will also be receiving an artist page in the future. Eclipsed Sounds will not take any royalties or streaming revenue from releases using SAROS, and credit of SAROS is completely optional for users.

Feel free to share your own works featuring SAROS using #SynthV_SAROS on social media.

Development Challenges

SAROS, as our most dynamic vocalist yet, presents some development challenges. To ensure the same level of quality as our two previous vocals, we are taking SAROS' development slowly. While a beta version is in use for demonstrations & internal testing, this voice database is a prototype, and many aspects of SAROS still need to be adjusted before we are comfortable making pre-orders available or settling on a final release date.

In our current internal beta version, we are focused on improving the performance of vocal modes. SAROS will likely have more vocal modes available than either of our previous vocals, and their voice database will contain more data than either SOLARIA or ASTERIAN had available. As a result, we are working with an extended timeline to ensure quality, and also hoping to ensure clarity in communication with a longer list of pre-release demonstration songs than provided for either of our previous vocals. If all goes well, we hope to release SAROS before the end of the summer.

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