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SOLARIA for Synthesizer V Studio - Demos, Range, & Vocal Information

SOLARIA was our first voice database created for Synthesizer V Studio - a versatile & emotive mezzo-soprano vocalist.

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Vocal Range

SOLARIA's suggested range is between E3-G5, but the range can be extended slightly in either direction using parameters within Synthesizer V Studio and, in the Pro version, vocal modes.

Vocal Modes

SOLARIA has 7 vocal modes available for users of Synthesizer V Studio Pro. Under each mode in this section, you can find a description including the suggested range for the vocal mode when used alone, and a list of vocal modes that work combine nicely with that mode.


Suggested Range: [TBA]

Suggested Combinations:

  • Airy - for the softest combination of vocal modes

  • Passionate - to pull back from a purely soft sound & enhance the natural tone

SOLARIA's "Soft" vocal mode is a breathier and less strong version of her primary singing tone. The "Soft" vocal mode provides a simple way to naturally weaken the vocal timbre.







Pre-Release Demo Songs

SOLARIA's first demo songs were created with the very first version of her voice database - v101 - which did not include the vocal modes feature. As our first vocalist, we focused on working with songwriters to create a variety of demo songs that showcase SOLARIA in multiple usage scenarios.

As SOLARIA's first original demo song, "Dawn" by Circus shows SOLARIA's capability across her entire vocal range in the earliest version of the voice database, featuring multi-part harmonies & acappella sections to showcase the voice fully.

"Untied Laces" is a demonstration song from Meltberry that features SOLARIA singing alongside a human singer to show the realism of the software. In this short version, lines sung by SOLARIA are shown in white, and Meltberry's lines are in yellow.

GHOST's usage of SOLARIA in "Aura" represents a stylized implementation without aiming for perfect realism, achieving an uncanny and unique tone for this folk horror-inspired piece.

This demonstration, "Our Universe" from Flanger Moose, shows the most common use case for SOLARIA - as a vocal part of an electronic composition! This piece was situated right in the middle of SOLARIA's ideal range in her initial version, and shows her clearest tone.

While it was not an original demo song, SOLARIA's release push on our channel ended with a cover of Pentatonix's acappella arrangement of White Winter Hymnal, with Japanese and Chinese translations provided by Geiky and Creuzer, respectively.

Post-Release Demonstration Songs

Over SOLARIA's existence, multiple additional features have been added to Synthesizer V Studio, and her voice database has been updated to support these features. As a result, multiple post-release demonstration songs have been created to showcase newer versions.

A demonstration that pushes SOLARIA to her absolute limits - without using vocal modes! "CYCLES" is an expressive masterpiece by ODDEEO that conveys emotion extremely well using SOLARIA's default tone & the parameters available in Synthesizer V Studio.

SOLARIA's most recent solo demonstration song, "Erode" by Unit.0 was the debut of her vocal modes feature! (For Synthesizer V Studio Pro users only) Her modes are used throughout the song to create a more dynamic vocal line.

Promotional Images

For SOLARIA's package edition, we worked with comic artist rice to create two original 4 panel comic strips to include in her DVD case's insert.

SOLARIA also features as a point-of-view character in the promotional comics released to introduce ASTERIAN.

User Works

Our vocals also feature in a great deal of works published online by users. One of the ways we collect these for display is by managing a Spotify Artist Page for each of our vocalists, including SOLARIA. Users can include SOLARIA as a featured artist on their Spotify releases to be included on the SOLARIA profile. Eclipsed Sounds does not take any royalties or streaming revenue from releases using SOLARIA, and credit of SOLARIA is completely optional for users.

Feel free to share your own works featuring SOLARIA using #SynthV_SOLARIA on social media.

Crowdfunding & Development Challenges

SOLARIA was crowdfunded by the passionate community of vocal synthesis users, and so her creation was in many ways a labor of love that none of our team members were sure would work out in the long term. You can read more about the crowdfunding process here.

As our company's first project, even though we had assisted Dreamtonics with the configuration of other Synthesizer V voice databases after the crowdfunding period ended, we were still challenged by the creation of our first independent database. SOLARIA also had to be updated later on to support more features, so we internally decided over the course of these updates to continue offering previous installers to our users. In the future, additional updates for more features may require further development on our part, but we are committed to keeping our vocals updated with all available features as well as high-quality.

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