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SAROS Synthesizer V AI Voice Database (Digital Download)

SAROS Synthesizer V AI Voice Database (Digital Download)

$89.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price

SAROS is an English native AI tenor, with Spanish bilingual capability, that provides professional quality vocals for your projects whenever they are needed. Offering a warm low range and strong, belted high notes, SAROS easily provides a dynamic voice fit for countless genres. Users of SAROS have detailed control over the melody and pitch of their vocal line at all times, and many other aspects of the voice like tension and breathiness can also be adjusted, making SAROS a vocalist capable of just about anything you could imagine.

This product requires an activation code that will be sent automatically just after purchase. These codes can sometimes be blocked from inboxes, so please send us an email directly if your code did not arrive within three hours of product release.


Synthesizer V SAROS is an AI singer for Synthesizer V Studio based on the vocals of a performer who currently works with multiple bands & previously studied at one of the premier music colleges in the world. Through advanced AI vocal generation, SAROS provides a highly realistic vocal that, in the Synthesizer V Studio editor, can be precisely adjusted to fit your creative vision. Using their Vocal Modes* options, ten distinct singing styles can be added into the voice to suit the tone of any production.


SAROS gives users access to an unforgettable dynamic vocal with limitless potential for creation. A core tenor range pairs with an emotive upper register and natural falsetto in SAROS’ database, allowing them to suit a wide variety of genres and usage cases. 


*Vocal Modes, Sing Pitch Generation Mode, Rap Pitch Generation Mode, and Cross-Lingual Synthesis are some of Synthesizer V Studio Pro's exclusive features. You may purchase the Pro version of the editor from the Dreamtonics store.

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