SOLARIA (Synthesizer V AI Voice Database - Digital Download)

SOLARIA (Synthesizer V AI Voice Database - Digital Download)


This product requires an activation code that will be sent manually from to the email address on your order. Please note that due to time zone differences, your activation code email may not get sent immediately. After purchasing, please check your spam folder & inbox thoroughly - if you do not receive your code after 24 hours, please email us directly.

Synthesizer V SOLARIA is an AI singer for Synthesizer V based on the vocals of singer, songwriter, and pop recording artist Emma Rowley. SOLARIA utilizes advanced AI vocal processing to provide a highly realistic vocal that, in the Synthesizer V Studio editor, can be precisely adjusted to fit your creative vision.

SOLARIA provides users a natural vocalist at their fingertips, for a vocalist for any piece. With warm low notes, a powerful core range and a clear high register, SOLARIA naturally suits a wide variety of musical genres and applications. Synthesizer V Studio's Auto Pitch Tuning functions also allow SOLARIA to bring Emma Rowley's expressive vocal style and skill to any production (note: Auto Pitch Tuning is a Synthesizer V Studio Pro only feature. You may purchase the Pro version of the editor from the Dreamtonics store). 

Ideal Vocal Range: E3 - G5
Voice Provider: Emma Rowley
Recommended Tempo: 80-180BPM (situationally dependent, English mode only)
Recorded Language: English (Japanese and Chinese can also be used via the Cross Language Synthesis feature in the paid Synthesizer V Studio Pro editor)

Required For Usage: All you need to purchase to get started using our digital vocals is the voice database, which includes the installer for the Synthesizer V Studio Basic editor, a free version of Synthesizer V Studio that will let you get creating right away. If you want to take your AI singer usage to the next level, with features like using Synthesizer V in your DAW of choice, you can purchase Synthesizer V Studio Pro from the Dreamtonics store.