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SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest

Thank you to all participants for helping us commemorate the first anniversary of the project's crowdfund!

With over 238 songs submitted, we found it nearly impossible to narrow down to only 5 winners – and even with 5 runners-up & 6 honorable mentions added on, there are at least 50 other songs we wish we could adequately spotlight!

Given the high level of participation, it was not possible for us to spotlight every entry that we wished - so please take a look through the YouTube and Soundcloud playlists for the contest below to check out even more incredible songs. There is an amazing variety of genres, song topics, and sheer talent & skill represented in the entries, so give them a listen!

Song Contest Winners

The Top 5 winners were the songs that we felt rose above the rest of the competition. The differences that put one song above another in this ranking are very slight, as all 5 are incredible pieces.

First Place


Second Place

“ほろにが” (“Bittersweet”) by Juudenki

Fourth Place

“mr know it all” by egg-tan

Third Place

"All Smiles" by Rook

Fifth Place

“On Time” by cora


Runner-up entries can be considered the remainder of our top 10! These were amazing to listen to, and every single one of these impressed us so much that we had no choice but to create this category. 

“Autumn Leaves Too Soon” by Hyder

“At Your Word” by NEOKIN

“Liar” by Kkiquu

“Bloom” by Penelope Aveline

“BLACK SWAN” by odotter

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions are the songs that did not necessarily make it into the top ranks, but that came out of the judging process as deserving of special note. We hope you'll give them a listen!

“Rainyday Blues” by MTC P

“雪山庆典” by 惰性气体NX

“Sol County Fair” by VoXil

“Fire of a Thousand Suns” by Derek Spear

“Siren Song” by Masuna

“Don’t Pick on Me” by StardustLegend

Contest Information

While this contest has concluded, you can view the original announcement, rules, & submission details below.

Please note that the prizes were increased due to the high level of participation and those changes are reflected in the details below.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the project's crowdfund,

SOLARIA's first Original Song Contest is now live!

To enter, just upload and submit an original song featuring Synthesizer V SOLARIA during the submission period. There are no genre or style limitations, and the song will be judged on overall sound rather than strictly technical merit. Songwriters do not have to be music professionals or experienced users of Synthesizer V SOLARIA to enter!

Don't have Synthesizer V SOLARIA? Users who have not purchased the full version of SOLARIA can enter the contest using the free "Lite" version of her voice database, available below. The Lite version is a lower quality, feature-reduced version of the full voice database, intended to be used as a trial to give just a taste of what the full database has to offer.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all Synthesizer V Lite databases, SOLARIA Lite may not be used commercially in any way, and any usages of the lite database must indicate in the upload title or prominently in the description or associated text that they feature "SOLARIA Lite"


$300 $500 USD

via PayPal


Crowdfund-exlusive physical edition of Synthesizer V SOLARIA, autographed by voice source Emma Rowley

Crowdfund-exclusive merchandise pack including: 2 buttons, 2 keychains, acrylic stand & tote bag

The first place winner may also opt into collaborating with Eclipsed Sounds to have a new video for their song created, with more details to be shared with the winner upon acceptance. If opted into, a short version of this new video will be posted to the Eclipsed Sounds YouTube channel, and the full version will be reserved for the winner to upload.

$100 $300 USD

via PayPal


Physical Edition of Synthesizer V SOLARIA, crowdfund merchandise pack (buttons, keychains, acrylic stand)

$50 $150 USD

via PayPal


Physical Edition of Synthesizer V SOLARIA, crowdfund merchandise pack (buttons, keychains, acrylic stand)


Physical Edition of Synthesizer V SOLARIA, crowdfund merchandise pack (buttons, keychains, acrylic stand)

$0 $100 USD

via PayPal


Physical Edition of Synthesizer V SOLARIA, crowdfund merchandise pack (buttons, keychains, acrylic stand)

$0 $50 USD

via PayPal

Submission Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older to participate, or have permission from a parent or guardian.

  • Songs must be new, original works by the entrant at the time of submission, and may not be re-arrangements or covers of previously released works. Any plagiarism will also disqualify the entry.

  • Entry must be submitted to the form below before the end of the submission period.

  • Entrants can submit as many songs as they wish - however, the entrant will only be able to win one prize place.

  • Songs must feature SOLARIA prominently as the main vocalist with no other synthesized singers. However, the creator may also use their own voice as part of their submission as long as SOLARIA remains the main singer.

  • Entries must be 2 minutes or longer and may not exceed 7 minutes in length.

  • The song's lyrics must be primarily written in a language officially supported by Synthesizer V SOLARIA: English, Japanese, or Chinese, and must use the appropriate language mode in Synthesizer V for the language. (The Lite voice database can only be used in English)

  • The submission may be a collaboration between multiple creators, however, only one creator may receive the prizes and be the point of contact for the submission.

  • Lyrical content may not contain excessive profanity, defamatory content, or discriminatory language. Graphic sexual content is also discouraged.

Any violations of these requirements will immediately disqualify the entry.

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