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SOLARIA's project began in fall of 2019, after our founder Elijah Damon met singer Emma Rowley while working with a local recording studio.  In May of 2021, this project was revealed for the first time in the form of a crowdfunding project for SOLARIA as an English AI vocalist for Synthesizer V Studio, in partnership with Dreamtonics.


SOLARIA's Test Voice & "SOLARIS"

SOLARIA's original project name was "SOLARIS" - seen in the first demonstration videos, where her test voice library sings the first few lines of her voice source Emma Rowley's song "Miles." This test voice uses a completely different recording method than the final AI version, and is primarily a test of how Emma Rowley's voice would be handled by the Synthesizer V software.


Crowdfund Merchandise

The primary target demographic for SOLARIA's crowdfund was the community of vocal synthesis hobbyists. In the vocal synth sphere, it is seen as somewhat of a tradition that a character is included as part of the marketing for a vocal to represent the sound of the voice. As a result, we chose to include character-focused merchandise to provide rewards for lower contribution tiers.

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