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Synthesizer V Studio Spanish Implementation Survey

This survey is based on the current implementation of Spanish within Synthesizer V Studio.

SAROS is currently a test vocal for the Spanish language support in Synthesizer V Studio. Implementing Spanish with SAROS as a test product allows us to refine the implementation before additional Spanish vocals are added to the software, including our planned Spanish-only vocalist, to be announced later in 2024. The implementation will also be improved before Spanish Cross-Lingual Synthesis is made available for other Synthesizer V Studio AI voices.

Spanish Phoneme Synthesis

Note: The rr phoneme requires a shaky pitch curve in order to sound correct, which is not always correctly generated in the current beta version. Please be sure to add this “vibrato” pitch over the phoneme for the correct sound, or use AI pitch retakes until it sounds correct. We will be focusing on improving this over time, but it should naturally improve as Synthesizer V Studio receives more Spanish language data in the future.

Grapheme to Phoneme

Note: SAROS is intended to be American accented when singing Spanish to remain faithful to their voice provider, who grew up speaking Spanish at home, but at this point in their life speaks Spanish with a northeast American accent. While we are working on another Spanish vocal without an American accent that we will announce in late 2024, we are hoping to gather information on accents desired by our users.

Additional Comments

Thank you for providing your feedback.

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