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SOLARIA First Anniversary Album Illustration Contest

SOLARIA's first release anniversary is here!

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of SOLARIA’s commercial release, we have put together an album of exceptional songs to try to encompass the wide range of talented songwriters using SOLARIA - "SUNDIAL"! The album is 18 tracks long - including all of the original pre-release demonstration songs, top 5 from the song contest, and an additional selection of noteworthy songs. While this album could easily be five volumes long, we think we have curated a great selection!

To celebrate SOLARIA's first anniversary, we will be having a contest allow artists to enter to provide the album cover artwork!

We have received many requests from illustrators asking that we provide more events that provide opportunities for their participation - so we hope that interested artists will enjoy this contest!

Contest Information

Submission Period: January 19th - April 30th

Theme: Sundial

To celebrate SOLARIA's release anniversary, we are holding an

illustration contest for the compilation album "SUNDIAL"!

To enter, just upload and submit an original piece of artwork featuring Synthesizer V SOLARIA during the submission period that follows the theme and submission requirements. All art styles are welcome, and the artwork will be used as the album cover for SOLARIA's first anniversary album - "SUNDIAL"!

The artwork should feature SOLARIA, portrayed in her primary design, and no other identifiable characters. The theme of the album is a "sundial" - a device used for telling time by measuring the angle of shadows throughout the course of a day. The theme may be taken literally and sundials may be directly included in the illustration, but it may also be taken holistically as a celebration of the time since SOLARIA's release. Entries may be in any art style, and, apart from the theme and character requirements, may use any composition style.

Be sure to check the submission requirements section below and download our template before starting your entry!

If you would like to share your entry on social media - be sure to use the #SynthV_SOLARIA tag!

Looking for a reference image? Download SOLARIA's official reference artwork below.

Use our manufacturer-provided templates (in .png, .clip, and .psd formats) to ensure your entry is the correct size.


$600 USD

via PayPal


Illustration is used as the album cover illustration for "SUNDIAL" (SOLARIA's first anniversary album)


Digital Eclipsed Sounds vocal of choice, a copy of the "SUNDIAL" album


Illustration is included in the album booklet for "SUNDIAL" (SOLARIA's first anniversary album)

Digital Eclipsed Sounds vocal of choice, a copy of the "SUNDIAL" album

$250 USD

via PayPal

Submission Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older to participate, or have permission from a parent or guardian.

  • The artwork must feature SOLARIA in her primary design (not the alternate Eclipsed design).

  • The artwork may not identify any other identifiable characters or persons.

  • The artwork should not include references to particular songs or works created with SOLARIA - as this is a compilation album meant to celebrate all usages of SOLARIA.

  • Art pieces must be new, original works by the entrant at the time of submission and created primarily during the submission period.

  • Artwork may not include text unless placed organically in the scene - for example, "SOLARIA" etched into a sun dial in the image is acceptable, but adding album title or credits directly to the image is prohibited - this will be handled by the Eclipsed Sounds team.

  • Entry must be submitted to the form below before the end of the submission period.

  • Participants can submit up to two entries - and only one of these two may win any prize.

  • Entries must be submitted in the same size as the provided template

  • The submission may be a collaboration between multiple creators, however, only one creator may receive the prizes and be the point of contact for the submission.

  • Artwork may not contain nudity, depictions of violence, blood, etc.

  • The submission may not include any photography of persons or people.

  • AI generated artwork is not allowed in this contest. (We understand the apparent irony; however, unlike our AI vocalists that use ethically licensed materials that our voice providers are compensated for, the currently available AI image generators are based on datasets that utilize copyrighted material and personal information. Additionally, regardless of the ethics of source data, you would not submit usage of SOLARIA to a singing competition, so you should not submit usage of AI image generators to this art competition. Thank you for your understanding.)

  • Eclipsed Sounds may request small alterations of winning entries in order to better include album information.

  • Eclipsed Sounds will only use your illustration for the physical print of the album and album-related digital promotion, such as in videos, newsletters, on social media, and hosted on the end-of-contest summary page if applicable.

Any violations of these requirements will immediately disqualify the entry. If violation of these requirements is discovered after prize distribution, the participant will be required to return the distributed prize.

Submission Form

Thank you for entering SOLARIA's first anniversary album cover illustration contest!

The contest submission period has now concluded - good luck to all participants!

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